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What is relationship counselling and who is it for?

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Is communication a problem in your relationship?
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What will happen in a sexual therapy session?

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Are you happy in your relationship?
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Relationship problems affect others more than you think.

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What about help for sexual difficulties?
Is it confidential?

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Online Sessions Available
Due to Coronavirus outbreak and in accordance with the UK & Scottish Governmant, Relationships Scotland Central are not able to offer face to face counselling sessions at this time. However, we do have staff currently working from home and all enquiries will be dealt with ASAP.
For further information please contact: 01324 670067 or



Relationship counselling is a confidential process in which individuals or couples are helped to explore their intimate couple relationships, with a view to understanding each other better or parting in a more amicable way. It can help explore recurring patterns in their relationships and understand the impact of their relationship difficulties.

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Having an active healthy sex life is important in most intimate relationships. Some people do however experience sexual difficulties in their relationships and sexual therapy offers help for people with sexual problems.

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We also offer individual counselling for those 16 and above who are experiencing issues which are impacting on their lives.

This can affect your ability to cope with relationships with a partner, family, friends or work / student colleagues.

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