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What is relationship counselling and who is it for?

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Is communication a problem in your relationship?
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What will happen in a sexual therapy session?

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Are you happy in your relationship?
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Relationship problems affect others more than you think.

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What about help for sexual difficulties?
Is it confidential?

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We also offer individual counselling for those 16 and above who are experiencing issues which are impacting on their lives.

This can affect your ability to cope with relationships with a partner, family, friends or work / student colleagues.

This can be feeling stressed, anxious or generally feeling down. You may be dealing with bereavement issues, work / study issues or other worries.

You may feel under presure if your circumstances have changed such as illness of self or partner, redundancy, looking after elderly parents or problems with children.

Perhaps there are abuse issues in your past and these memories are affecting your confidence and self esteem.

Who is it for?

Counselling is for individuals as well as couples. We are a non-judgemental service and see people irrespective of age, gender or transgender identity, marriage or civil partnership, living together or living apart, race, religion or belief, sex or sexual orientation.

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